Dear friends,

It’s midterm time! – also known as the point in the semester where many of us are feeling behind, and could really use a break (thankfully, WMU has a “fall break” in the second half of this week, which means an extra-long weekend. Would be nice to fill it with fun and leisure, but I’ll be catching up on work).

Most of our endeavors have this “slump in the middle,” don’t they? We reach a point where we are exhausted, and need to regroup, recover, reflect. It’s good to stop for a moment and take a sincere look at how we’re doing, mentally, physically, emotionally, and to consider what we need to be our better selves.

On a daily basis, I hit this slump around 3 p.m. I don’t know if it’s a blood sugar crash, or lack of sleep catching up on me, but I always feel like I could use a nap around that time. These are the times when I remind myself why I started the task in the first place. For longer endeavors, there will always come a point when they’re not as engaging as they were at first, not as fun as we expected them to be, yet we still have some ground to cover before reaching the finish line. We have to find our strength again.

Let’s take a minute to rediscover the joy in our routines.