Dear friends,

Life is a constant process of adjustment. Sometimes those adjustments are huge, and sometimes they’re so tiny we might not even notice them – but to stay upright and keep our balance, we’re constantly making large and small changes. We’re never static.

It’s like riding a bike. Even when the ride seems smooth, we’re making constant small adjustments so we don’t wobble. We shift our weight, or turn the handlebars ever so slightly, or apply the brakes just a little bit, in order to stay in control. This requires a constant level of awareness, but sometimes it’s beneath the level of consciousness – through practice, we go on “autopilot.”

We’ll continue to make these little adjustments throughout our lives. With time and practice, we’ll get better at it. It won’t require constant vigilance, but will become second nature.

You are more resilient than you know.



How to Teach an Anxious Kid How to Ride a Bike | Liv Cycling Official site