Dear friends,

On Saturday morning, I learned that a longtime friend passed away from pancreatic cancer. She was my age. We met as coworkers at Lake Superior State University, and classmates in the MBA program there. We both later moved to other universities, but remained in touch through social media.

Tracey was such a ray of sunshine in this world, and had the most beautiful, radiant smile. She was a single mom, and her son Colin was the light of her life. They adored each other, and he’s in my thoughts a lot these past couple of days. Moving forward into life without his mom is going to be a weighty challenge.

Tracey and Colin

When someone dies before reaching old age, we often say they are “gone too soon” – and Tracey has certainly departed this earth much sooner than any of us would have liked. I will miss her. But I also believe that she was here long enough to fulfil God’s purpose for her on this earth. I believe she accomplished the task that was set for her, in the time she was given.

She was a good friend to others, and a great parent to Colin. She raised a baby boy to be a loving, responsible, accomplished man. She brought love and light to the lives around her. It’s not for me to say whether her work on this earth was finished, but God has called her home.

And I believe that God is holding her now, and saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”