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Dear friends,

I’m a long-time fan of the “Xena, Warrior Princess” series (go ahead and laugh if you must), and find the show to be full of metaphors for life. Today I’m thinking of one scene in particular, where Xena and Gabrielle come upon a small lake. They’ve been talking about putting things in the past, “moving on” and “getting over” difficulties, so Xena decides to make a demonstration.

She nods toward the lake. “What do you see?” she asks Gabrielle. “Calm water,” replies Gabrielle. Xena then picks up a rock and throws it into the lake. “And now?” she asks. Gabrielle replies that the water ripples and churns, but will eventually settle back to being calm. “But the rock is still down there,” Xena replies, “it’s now part of the lake. You can’t see it, but the lake is forever changed.”

We all have rocks at the bottom of our “lakes” that others can’t see. They become an unseen part of our life landscape.

Today I want to remember, no matter what the surface looks like, that we each have our own lake bottom to deal with.



Winnie living her best life