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Dear friends,

I was listening to a podcast this morning, and the speaker told a story about a luxury car manufacturer that tests the soundness of their vehicles in an interesting way.  Every so often, a claw mechanism picks up a car, at random, off the assembly line … and then shakes it vigorously for several minutes.  If there are any loose parts or unsound connections, they are revealed through this process.  If the car can withstand the shaking, it passes the test.

This makes an interesting metaphor for life.

We have our peaceful periods where everything is chugging along predictably … then the giant claw picks us up and shakes us.  Will we fall to pieces, or withstand the agitation?  Well, it depends.  It depends on how soundly we’re put together, whether all the bolts are tight and connections are firm.

Once the shaking begins, we can’t reverse time to do better.  It’s up to us, during the normal, routine times of life, to look after our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  We need to keep our friendships strong, to give proper attention to our finances, eat properly, get rest, stay well.

The shaking will come.  If we expect it and prepare for it, it won’t take us so much by surprise.  To me, this is not a fatalistic view, but a realistic one.

Wishing you strength,


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