Hi friends!

It’s been an odd Easter day for many of us.  If you’re used to a big meal with family, or going to church, you probably missed those events today.  I attended “virtual church” this morning (which is nice, but not the same), and made myself waffles for my solo brunch.  But these lonely times are also times for reflection.

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Scripture tells us that at the moment Jesus gave up his spirit, the temple veil was torn open.  What does this mean?  Up until that point, the ordinary person could not enter the “holy of holies” area, only the priests could.  The common man had to seek absolution from the priests.  When the veil was torn open, the barrier between us and God was torn open.  Jesus taught his disciples to pray to “our Father” – i.e., the father of us all.  We are siblings.  We are challenged to treat one another as such.

Where is God in the pandemic?  Where he’s always been – in the hearts and hands of his people.  Look and you’ll find him.

People in positions of power – presidents, governors, mayors, hospital administrators … nobody asked for this, but it’s happening now.  It’s happening in their time of leadership.  So it goes for every human.  We don’t always get to choose what happens to us, only how we react to it.  May all of us react in ways that lift one another up.

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I live in an apartment, and I got a call the other day from the office, saying that someone in my building has COVID.  Suddenly this pandemic isn’t so abstract.  We’ve been told that an exterminating company will spray everything down with disinfectant, but in the meantime, we should stay inside for at least a few days.  I’m going to have to go out mid-week to refill a prescription, but I will “suit up” accordingly and not touch anything.

While we are afraid for ourselves, we mustn’t forget to pray and feel empathy for those who are going through this.  My neighbor (whichever one it is, of course they wouldn’t tell me) is undoubtedly sick and frightened, and doesn’t deserve this disease (nor does anyone).  Let’s not allow our fear to make us cruel.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.  Take some time today to reflect – on the empty tomb, on the resolution of uncertainty, and on the fact that the risen Lord first appeared to women.