Hello lovely friends,

In our Interpersonal Communication course, we talk about secondary meanings of certain words and phrases – such as the question, “How are you?”  In our culture, it’s a throwaway line, a form of saying hello.  When we say it, we are not inquiring after the other person’s physical, mental, or spiritual health.  We just say “How are ya, how’s it going?” and walk on by without even getting an answer.

Images of Two People Saying Hi - www.industrious.info

The past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed something interesting happening.

People are checking in on each other (mostly by mediated means).  We’re asking “How are you?” and we mean it.  We want to know.  Are you feeling well?  How is your family?  Is there anything you need?

In the discipline of Communication, we emphasize the interdependence of people, the ways in which we live in community with others.  If anything good comes out of this time, it will be a reminder to us all that yes, we are our brothers’ keepers.  We succeed and fail together.  We must look after “the least of these.”

I miss you, my friends.