Hello friends,

On Tuesday, I had a surgical procedure to remove a large and impacted kidney stone (some things won’t wait, even in the midst of a pandemic).

I’ll tell you about the process, but you might want to stop reading now if you’re squeamish.  It’s not too graphic, but still.

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Fortunately, this surgery didn’t involve cutting me open.  The surgeon passed a tube up through my urethra to the kidney, then lazered the kidney stone into pieces and removed the pieces through the tube.  So it’s gone, but there might be some little particles / shards left over that will have to pass through – and that might be uncomfortable.

The procedure itself was painless.  I was very nervous, but it really wasn’t bad.  I remember dozing off from the anesthetic, then waking up thinking I had just drifted off.  I asked the nurse, “Is it time to go into surgery?” and she answered “It’s over!  You’re done.”  I was surprised, and there was no pain.

I’m recovering really well.  I haven’t had to take many pain pills – I’d call it more “discomfort” than pain.  When I “use the restroom,” there’s a little discomfort, similar to a cramp, but otherwise I’m feeling fine.

I had heard stories from people who’ve had this procedure, and have told me how terrible it was for them.  Everyone’s experience is different, but I really had no problems.  The worst part was the kidney stone (it was 9 mm!) and now it’s gone.

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Going to the hospital in this time of COVID was a bit scary, but they were extremely careful.  There were people at every entrance door, screening those who came in.  Sanitation procedures were being followed carefully.  I did not feel I was at risk at any time.

Thanks to those who sent prayers.  Please keep praying as I’m recovering.