Hello friends!  The odyssey continues.  Hope you are looking after your physical and mental health.

During this period of seclusion, I’ve seen a lot of people posting on social media about introversion and extroversion.  The introverts are the most content, of course.  The extroverts are getting lonely, especially if they don’t live with others.

Back in the day when I took the Myers-Briggs, I was right on the line between introversion and extroversion – an ambivert.

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I can see both qualities in myself.  I enjoy my own company, and am content with being alone, but I also love interacting with others (in person … I’m not fond of talking on the phone).  Right now, though, the extrovert part of myself is starting to feel lonely.

I’m keeping in touch with family and friends, but I really miss the human contact.  I miss going to church in person, rather than via livestream.  I miss teaching my students in the classroom.  This might be easier if I lived with others, but I live on my own (well, there’s Winnie), so I’m feeling pretty isolated right now.


^ With some of my high school friends

Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?  How are you coping with this time of seclusion?  I hope you are well.  I’m thinking of you.

I’m about to have dinner – homemade chicken soup (comfort food for all occasions) and a piece of cornbread.  Life is good, and I’m one of the lucky ones.