Hello my lovelies!  How are you?

First, a permission slip for you:

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I think it’s important to recognize our privilege, and realize that most of our difficulties are “first world problems” – YET – I believe we also need to give ourselves permission to feel what we feel.  You’re not “wrong” to feel sad, or frightened, or angry.  I’m not trying to jolly you out of it.  We are entitled to our feelings.

Don’t judge yourself right now, these are unprecedented times.  You’re going to learn new things about yourself (so am I).  All I ask is that you be kind and patient with yourself.


We’re in the midst of Saturday times right now.  It’s a Christian metaphor, but accessible to everyone.  The crucifixion took place on a Friday, and the resurrection on Sunday.  In between there was Saturday, a time of confusion and uncertainty.  A time when everything you thought you knew was called into question.  A time when faith was tested at the most fundamental level.

Then Sunday dawned, and it was a new world.  In this new day, some questions were answered, and new ones were raised, and life would never be the same.

So it is for us.  When we emerge from these Saturday times, the world will be changed.  Saturday times are scary.  During interludes of uncertainty, like now, I try to remember this metaphor, and it helps me.

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This picture shows a series of “switchbacks” on a mountain hiking trail.  When the route is too steep to climb in a straight line, you must use a zigzag method to reach the summit.  On some mountains, you can’t see where the switchback leads, and your instinct is to cut across it – but if you do, you’ll end up in the weeds (literally).

Life has switchbacks, no?  It’s frustrating when we really want to charge ahead to the summit, but have to take a zigzag route.  Sometimes we have to trust the path, even when we don’t want to.


(Pluto isn’t good at social distancing).

I’m thinking of you and wishing you all the good stuff!