Dear ones,

First: IF YOU NEED SOMETHING, CONTACT ME.  I give pep talks.  I’ll share my toilet paper.  Don’t suffer in silence.

Meet my new teaching assistant:

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I miss seeing Gina, my human grad assistant (she’s working from home, believe me!), but in the meantime, I have my Winnie 24/7.  She sits in my lap while I’m trying to type.  She sits on my papers.  She wants Fancy Feast at all hours (must keep that girlish figure!) and does a little song and dance to tell me so.

Winnie is 15 pounds of looooove.  She helps me like this:

No photo description available.

… and sometimes like this:

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With such an assistant, how could I go wrong?

Current email count: 248.  I’m trying to stay a step ahead of them, but right now they’re coming fast and furious!  I’m prioritizing emails from students, and ones from admin regarding COVID arrangements.  This pandemic is going to last awhile, but we are up to the challenge.  YOU are up to the challenge.  YOU are bigger than anything that can happen to you.  Do what you can for your own mental, emotional, and physical health, and take courage, my friends.

If you need some, I’ll give you some of mine.

So what’s the best possible outcome from this difficult time?

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(Lisa’s baby Bella, who refuses to acknowledge that I’m not a dog person)

When all of this is over, I hope we’ve learned to be kinder to each other.  I hope we’ve learned more about living in community with others.  I hope we’ve learned that our actions and choices affect others.  I hope we’ve learned to take care of the least among us.  I hope we refocus on kindness.

I pray this time brings out the best in us.

Sending blessings,


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