Dear family, friends, students, and others who may be reading:

Greetings from self-quarantine, aka “house arrest!”  I miss you.  Therefore I’m going to blog during this “crisis.”  I’m using a lot of “scare quotes,” huh?

Church this morning was via live-stream, with the pastor preaching and the choir singing to an almost-empty sanctuary.  Audio didn’t work for the first part, and some moments were pixilated or blurry, but we’re still all figuring out how to live this way.  For me, it didn’t feel like “church” (scare quotes again) without the in-person fellowship part.  I miss the handshakes and hugs and hanging out around the coffee bar before and after services.  I miss my friends.

Today’s my big brother’s birthday!  Aren’t we cute?

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Just made a Target run because I was out of Diet Coke.  Don’t judge.  Only about 10 people in the store.  Meat, cheese, bread, and paper products were wiped out, but other items were reasonably well stocked.  Stock-boy in the soup aisle said they’re getting a truck tomorrow … I’m hoping the supply chain isn’t too affected by all this.

Did you read Station Eleven?  Feels a bit like that.

Still working on putting my courses online, which is easier said than done.  This is creating a lot of extra work for teachers who already had in-person classes planned, and now find ourselves trying to force a round peg into a square hole, so to speak.  But these are first-world problems.  I’m employed, and I have the equipment I need to do my job from home.  Not everyone has that luxury.

My car should be fixed by Friday, if all goes according to schedule.  If you didn’t know, I hit a deer.

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I have a big pot of chicken soup going on the stove.  It’s comfort food, even when you’re not sick.

Watching the Biden/Sanders debate.  Strange to see a presidential debate without an audience.

I miss you all, and I’m holding you in my heart.  Take a shower, get dressed, and live life.  Take precautions, but be careful of your mental and emotional health.  Turn off the news if it’s making you anxious.  Reach out to a friend.  And have faith in human resilience – we will come out the other end of this.



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