Hello friends,

This past week was “Semester Recess” (aka Spring Break) at our university.  For many reasons (I’m a workaholic, I’m a 12-month employee, I wrecked my car), I didn’t have the week “off.”

Wait … I wrecked my car?  Well, not exactly.  A deer, charging across the road and bouncing off my hood, wrecked my car.  See:

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This happened on Sunday, which meant that I spent most of Monday on the phone with the insurance people, the body shop, etc etc.  I also had to teach a class from 1:30 – 3:00.  Fortunately, everything went as smoothly as one could wish.  I got the car to the shop, picked up a rental, taught my class, and all was well.  Still waiting for an update, though I imagine they had to order parts, which probably takes awhile.  It’s been a bit weird driving a different car.  The rental is a Nissan Versa with very touchy brakes, but we’re getting along ok so far.  I may get out of this whole adventure with just a $100 deductible.

I know it’s just a “thing,” but it’s the first brand-new car I’ve ever owned, and it’s pretty.  Usually.

Last night I saw the play “Race” by David Mament, at our local Parish Theatre.  It was … interesting.  The program warned that there’d be “language,” which I can deal with, but it seemed like the whole script was peppered with the F-word in every other line.  It kind of loses its punch when it’s used that often.  I didn’t love the show, but it was thought-provoking.

The show features four actors – two black, two white – involved in a legal case where a white man is accused of raping a black woman.  These four characters examine every racial angle of the situation, including interracial prejudice, as well as white prejudice against whites and black prejudice against blacks, as they try to predict how the jury and the press will react to the defendant.  The audience is asked to grapple with the question – did he do it, and how much does that really matter to the legal outcome?

19-20 Race

And yes, the red sequined dress she was wearing is pivotal to the plot.

Other than that, I’ve done a million loads of laundry and graded (it seems like) a million papers, getting ready for the coming week.  I’m supposed to be attending a conference in Seattle in the near future, and am waiting to see if it’s going ahead.  I have the option of changing my registration to a later session of the conference in Vail, Colorado, and I might do that.  It’s kind of a perfect storm: the coronavirus victims in Washington State, the idea of spending 5 hours on a plane plus airports, hotels, public transport … doesn’t sound so appealing right now.  I have a crappy immune system and I’m considered high risk in these situations, so … I’ll probably be spending some time this week getting this sorted out.

You’re fantastic and I send you heaps of blessings,


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