Hello everyone,

Classes start Wednesday.  It’s Monday.  I have a boatload of stuff to accomplish in the next 48 hours – praying for calm and clarity.

Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor

{{Brown-eyed Susans, the WMU flower (brown & gold) are blooming all over campus.}}

I’m working from home today, getting syllabi and lessons ready, organizing thoughts and papers and files.  I’m working around a snoozing kitty in my lap.  I’m working around laundry and housework.  I’m listening to an audiobook.
I’m thinking about my students, all the new people I’ll meet in a few days, and wondering what they’re doing.  I hope they’re excited for more than just the social aspects of college.  I imagine they think all their professors have been enjoying a “summer off,” rather than working hard to make their learning experience a good one.
I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything (even the anxiety).  This is where I belong, and the classroom is my sacred space.
Cheers –