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Dear friends,

Lately I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about time; how we save it, spend it, use it, budget it, waste it, manage it.  We all understand that time is a finite resource.

One article I read said that we treat time like a clown car, thinking that the best way to make use of it is to cram as many activities into our day as possible.  We overschedule and multitask, thinking that’s the way to make the most of our time.  And at the end of the day we fall into bed, exhausted.  We either feel good about ourselves for accomplishing so many things, or badly because we have to carry some duties over to tomorrow.

But life shouldn’t be about doing more, and yet more.  That’s a never-ending cycle, one that’s only going to keep us on the hamster wheel.

Yes, time is a finite resource, and it’s important to use it wisely.  Making the best use of my time isn’t about the number of things I can do, but also the quality of the things I do.  If I take this view, I can see the value in that shopping trip with a friend, or that time spent reading a book for pleasure.  Those things make important contributions to my well-being.

The to-do list will always be there, and it only gets longer – there’s that saying that nobody dies with an empty in-box.  My day should not be about checking things off a never-ending list.  My day should not be a clown car.

Let’s make good choices with our time today.