Hello lovely friends,

I’m here in the office, setting up the course websites for Fall 2018.  School starts a week from Wednesday (August 29), and I have various meetings and appointments next week.  Fall semester seemed so far off, and now it’s like a freight train barreling down the track at us!


I’m also moving offices – just two doors down, but a bigger (corner) office with much nicer walls and carpet than my current one.  The current occupant of that room is moving downstairs to an office that’s being vacated by a retiree – but his stuff is still in that room, so the process can’t begin just yet.  The retiring colleague is the first “domino” in this process.  I’m just hoping I won’t be trying to move during the first week of classes, but we’ll deal with it if we have to.

I still haven’t finished the book manuscript, but that has to be moved to the “back burner” for now.  Must finish course prep and get this move done.

Going up north for the weekend to visit my parents.  I’ve discovered that it’s futile to wait until a “good time,”  I just have to make time and go.  Otherwise there’s never a good time and I never stop working.  Girl needs a break now and then.

The days are already getting a bit shorter, and the nights are cooler.  Autumn is my favorite time of year – can’t wait for football and “hoodie weather!”