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Dear friends,

I’m not sure whether to classify this one as romance or “chick lit.”  The tone of it borders on “young adult” (at least for me), so I was not surprised to learn that the author – up until now – has primarily been known as a YA author.

The story centers around Gabe and Lucy, two college seniors at Columbia University who meet on 9/11/2001.  They share a deep and instant connection.  In the subsequent years they both move forward with their lives and careers, while staying in touch and never losing their profound emotional bond with one another.


The conflict in the story revolves around how their bond affects their other relationships and their careers, as they deal with jealousy (their own and others’), the long-distance nature of their friendship, and their regrets about the “path not taken.”

It’s a story of how our hearts can long for someone we can’t have, and how emotional connections can last despite separation and loss.  The chapters are short and it’s a page-turner, so it’s a quick read.  In some of the blurbs it’s been described as a tear-jerker (I’m not one to cry over books), and it’s been compared to The Notebook (which I haven’t read).  I would recommend it as a quick summer read, but I didn’t find it as profoundly moving as others have.  But it’s a sweet story and worth reading.



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