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Dear friends,

I’ve been pondering “sin.”  Now, stay with me here …

There are many ways to define the word, but the one that resonates most with me is “a thought or action that threatens one’s connection to God.”


We are told that God is love, and that love is patient and kind, that love rejoices in justice and our community with one another.  We’re aware of all the thoughts and actions that divide our community, that foster injustice, that devolve into hate – but we hesitate to call those “sin.”

Instead, we say that we’re divided, that we disagree, that we live in a polarized world.  And the problem seems too big for any one of us to solve.


It’s discouraging to reflect on the size of the gap between us, the scale of the hatred.  It’s easy to despair at the hugeness of it all.  How can I contribute to the solution?

I can strive to put things right in my own life – to take the log out of my own eye to better see the speck in my brother’s eye.  I need to reflect on myself, and to check myself when I have those thoughts or engage in those actions that make me part of the wider problem.  I have to check my own anger, my rage, my prejudice, my hate.  I need to repair my relationship with God.

And I have to believe that if each of us did this, kindness would reach critical mass, and peace would come on earth.

Let’s reflect today.