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Dear friends,

Sometimes I get stuck.  I’ve been forging ahead, but then I find myself in a foggy place where there is no path, no sense of my next direction, nobody to advise me.  It’s a lonely place to be.  I imagine you’ve been there too.

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What are my options?

I can retrace my steps and go backward.  Never an appealing choice, but sometimes the only reasonable one.

I can sit down and wait … or cry … or scream at the universe about the unfairness of it all.  Sometimes we don’t have the strength to do anything more.

I can use my best judgment to choose a direction, and move forward along a path I create as I go, inch by inch.  This is hard, and scary – nobody but myself to rely on, no hand to hold, no advice to heed.  Just me and my choice, and the outcome will be my responsibility in the end.

Today, I’m making the choice to go forward.  I have no idea what lies ahead, but I will trust what I know, and trust myself.  Whatever comes, I will be all right.

Be brave today.