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Dear friends,

Ah, insomnia.  Those nights when your mind keeps running on something (or everything, or ALL OF THE THINGS) and you can’t get any rest.

Sound familiar?


I have a meditation I use that helps me fall asleep on those nights when I just can’t shut off my mind.  Try it sometime, and let me know if it helps you.

I imagine I’m standing in a grassy meadow.  A short distance away, I can see a huge cloth on the ground, the size of a bedsheet.  One by one, I imagine my problems … I think about one problem, holding it in my hands in the form of an object.  Then I walk over to the cloth and throw it on.

I do the same with my next problem: Name it, think about it, imagine it as an object, then I walk over and throw it on the pile.

I do this over and over again, until I can’t think of any more issues for the moment.


Then I imagine the edges of the sheet/cloth start to gather up, like a giant drawstring bag – and with a “woosh,” my problems are swept up into the sky.  They’ve been removed from me, and for the moment, they are the concern of God (the higher power, the heavenly realm, add your favorite metaphor here).  I can’t have them back right now.

And now that my burdens have been lifted and swept away, I can sleep.

I encourage you to try this meditation and let me know if it works for you.

Sweet dreams and blessings,