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Dear friends,

We all want to feel accepted by others, to feel as if we “belong.”

But there are many different ways of belonging.

We may be accepted into some groups because of what we believe – or profess to believe.  Some groups may accept us because of how we dress, or where we live, or what sports team we cheer for.  And because we want to feel accepted, we may dress or cheer or behave in ways that aren’t completely authentic to us.

This way of belonging can be unsatisfying, as it is ultimately rather shallow.


True belonging provides a sense of comfort, of security, of having a “soft place to land.”  We are accepted because of who we are, raw and unfiltered.  When we truly belong, we don’t fear rejection due to our little behavioral quirks or life choices.

It’s so liberating to be my authentic self with those who truly accept me.  I don’t feel like I have to “perform.”  What a tremendous gift that is.  And it’s a gift I can offer to others, too.

Let’s be real with one another today.