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Dear friends,

It’s a pretty metaphor, isn’t it?  Life is a tapestry, woven of various colorful threads to make a full picture.


^ Mine doesn’t look like that!

If you’re anything like me, your tapestry is a work in progress, and looks ugly at times.  It’s full of rips, burns, faded sections, missing chunks.  The colors bleed.  It smells.  Just when you get one section mended, another goes bad.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to make it what it should be.


So I pray.  And you know what always happens?  God changes the picture – and sometimes I hate it at first.

He brings red threads into an area I wanted to be green.  Instead of magically removing a burn hole, He embroiders a flower over it.  He cuts a piece out, and uses it to patch another place, and I cry out, “Why?  I asked you for help, and this is not at all what I meant!  This isn’t my vision!”

And He replies: You asked for help, remember?  I use what you give me, and bring other materials to the project as well.  I work with what we have, and what we make together.  I’m not going to throw you out and start over.  I can use anything you give me.

The picture is dynamic, and we can’t yet see the end result.  Let’s trust the great weaver today.