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Dear friends,

The next time you’re out in bright, direct sunlight, take a close look at your arm.  Really look closely at your skin – you’ll be astonished (and, I hope, delighted) by what you see.


Our skin is made up of a million different colors.  When I look at mine this way, I see pink, and I see brown.  There’s blue, and bits of red.  There’s even a hint of green.  And it sparkles – not like the vamps in Twilight – but yes, there’s a glittery sheen.  It’s fascinating and beautiful.

I think about how color is simply a phenomenon of reflected and absorbed light, how my eyes perceive color based upon how my retina processes the image.  My skin has no color, and it has all the colors.  The overall color I perceive is dependent on qualities of light and the anatomy of the eye.

And it has no inherent meaning.  It has only the meaning we attach to it, the meaning we’ve been conditioned to attach to it.

Take a closer look.  It’s really quite beautiful.