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Dear friends,

I enjoy watching YouTube videos on various topics, and one of these is reading / books.  Some channels are devoted to reviewing and recommending good reads to others, and I enjoy touring other readers’ bookshelves and learning which authors and titles they especially enjoy.

Occasionally these “BookTubers” (as they call themselves) will take part in a reading challenge, where they commit to reading several books over a weekend, or commit to reading a certain number of hours over the coming days.  These challenges can be quite daunting, like reading 24 hours out of the next 48.  When the challenge is over, they report back on their results.


I’ve noticed something about these reports.  Many of these readers seem tired and irritable, and I wonder if these reading marathons gave them much enjoyment.  They seem determined to “get through” a certain number of pages, or a certain number of books, and if they don’t, they apologize for their “failures” – as if reading for 20 hours instead of 24 constitutes a failure.

Most of all, they don’t seem happy.  I imagine for most of these people, reading began as a fun hobby.  These challenges seem to make it into a chore.

I occasionally post a “Three Books and a Movie” video on my YouTube channel, but I don’t have a schedule for these.  Whenever I finish three books, I make a video.  I considered having a schedule (weekly? monthly?) but I didn’t want reading to become a chore, or something I felt compelled to rush.

I enjoy reading for pleasure.  Do you?



You can watch my vlog on my YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWtHms3IiMYL7VuPvAeJ_bw