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“…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” -Psalm 30:5

I’m generally a pretty sunny person, but when I do have fits of melancholy, they tend to occur at night. Somehow, at the end of the day, problems loom large; they take on grotesque shapes, they taunt and threaten me. In order to pull through, I hang on to what I know, and to something my mother taught me.

She always said: Quiet your mind. Rest. And things will look better in the morning.

Strange (or cliche) as it sounds, they always do. Sure, the problems are still there, but my mind is less frantic, so I’m better able to see them in their proper size. This principle has proven true so many times in my life, I now cling to it and remind myself: when it’s late, and I’m tired, and things seem hopeless, that’s when I need rest. I need to rest my body, mind, and spirit.

Morning is coming. Rest well.