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Dear friends,

I’m here to beg of you: stop attacking yourself.  You do it every day.  You may be doing it right now.

Perhaps you’ve gained some weight, and the monologue in your head goes something like this: “You stupid idiot, you have zero self-control, just look at yourself, you’re a fat slob … starting tomorrow, you’re going to count every calorie, work out for an hour a day, and stop being such a loser.”

Sound familiar?

Maybe today the topic isn’t weight, but a stack of ungraded papers, an unread book, an unwritten report.  The monologue in your head is pretty much the same, right?

I’m here to tell you to cut it out.

The “Golden Rule,” which exists in pretty much every religion and culture, says to love your neighbor as yourself.  Self-love is the ground zero of loving others.  If you don’t nurture yourself, you’ve got nothing for anyone else.  If the airplane cabin loses pressure, put your own oxygen mask on first.

Be kind to that person in the mirror.  Correct him or her, yes, but don’t attack.  You’re in charge of that life, so find a way to be kind.

I believe in you.