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Dear friends,

You’ve been stumbling along, and you fall into a hole.  Strangers, acquaintances, and friends pass by, and look down at you, there in your hole, and they say things like:

“Look at that jerk, he fell in a hole!”

“Better you than me, buddy.”

“I’ll keep you in my thoughts.”

“Let me know when you get out of that hole, and we’ll have lunch.”

“I’d give you a hand, but I’m afraid I’ll fall in, too.”

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A true friend is one who will lift you out of the hole, dust you off, and say “Come on, let’s walk together.”  A true friend won’t think less of you for falling once in a while, or needing a hand to hold.  A true friend is willing to walk the bumpy road beside you.

In James A. Harnish’s book “A Disciple’s Path,” he explains grace like this:

God meets us where we are, but he doesn’t abandon us there.

Wishing you all a wonderful day,