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Dear friends,

What does it mean to be kind to ourselves?  It’s going to mean different things at different times, depending on what we need.

Sometimes it means making yourself go to the party; other times it means allowing yourself to stay home.

Sometimes it means enjoying a big meal; other times it means watching nutrition and calories.

Sometimes it means getting up early; other times it means sleeping in.

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Every day, we must make the decision – what is the kindest thing I can do for myself right now?  If we make decisions from a place of self-kindness, rather than a place of self-punishment, I think we’ll make much better decisions.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t discipline ourselves – oftentimes, we need to.  Sometimes self-love means doing laundry, or studying for several hours, or doing an unappealing task because it will benefit us in the long run.  But we can rethink these things, and see them not as hateful chores we must force ourselves to do, but rather as steps in a journey to where we want to be.

On a long journey, not all of the steps are pleasant, but each one brings us closer to the goal.

Be kind to yourself today.