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Dear friends,

I was in Minneapolis over the weekend, and had the wonderful fortune of reconnecting with a high school friend.  We had lost touch during our college years, then recently reconnected on Facebook.

Seeing her again brought back all kinds of memories.  Those cold, early mornings on the football field for marching band practice.  Standing onstage together in our long dresses competing in a pageant.  Trying to keep track of which of our classmates were “going together,” and the silliness of some of the things we worried about then.


This weekend, we laughed across the restaurant table.  We stared at each other.  We tried to fit decades of “catching up” into a few hours.

I was struck by how she was exactly the same, yet also different (and I imagine she thought the same about me).  We both have more miles on us – more gray hair and wrinkles, and more life wisdom – and I realized that we’re much better people now than we were then.  We may not be as “cute” anymore, but we’re beautiful in much deeper ways.  We’ve been through more than a few storms, we’re both still standing, and we don’t feel defeated – at least, not all the time.

It was hard to say goodbye, and I hope to see her again very soon.  I have not only reconnected with an old friend, but in a way I have made a new one.  And sharing our current strength and wisdom is even better than giggling over boys.

But we did some of that too 🙂