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Dear friends,

I came across a quote this morning:  “Every day will require a different version of you.”

As we enter this new year, I want to remember this.  Some days will require more courage than others.  Some days will bring relaxation, and some will bring hard work.  There will be personal and professional challenges, as well as triumphs.  We don’t always get to decide what happens.

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All I can do is to greet each new day with a spirit of joy, and with faith that I will have the resources I need to get through the challenges.  For me, this takes the form of morning reflection, meditation, and prayer.

Despite my efforts to center my spirit in a peaceful place, I know there will be stress.  But I also know that I’ll come out on the other side, because I have another favorite saying:

“Your track record for getting through tough times is 100%.”